Mobile Detailing Salt Lake City

Mobile Detailing Salt Lake City

With the use and passage of time your newly bought vehicle loses its shine and beauty making it look dull and unattractive. Changing it’s original parts is always not a good option to opt for. Therefore mobile detailing service is an ideal option for your vehicle as it will increase its value bringing it to its newest form. Trusting your car with only the best car detailers in Park City is necessary as the wrong person can never provide what you desire.

The service of Mobile Detailing Salt Lake City by Executive Car Detail Inc. is the finest service that you could find for your car. The highly professional team of ECD will transform your car efficiently. Our Park City care detailing service guarantees to bring your car’s lost beauty back in no time using the right techniques and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are unaware of this method and how it is carried out etc. Therefore, we have discussed the commonly inquired queries below about our Park city auto detailing services in SLC:

Q) What does your mobile detailing service include?

To restore the lost shine of your car our Park City car detailers use the latest ceramic technology. We deal with the scratches, dull paint, and renewal of the headlights as well. A thorough clean makes the car exterior clean from all sorts of contamination and then later it is sand and polished to give a smooth look. We use ceramic-infused shampoo to give a long-lasting shine to the exterior of your car.

For the interior, we use the latest steam and air-powered tools that provide intense cleaning of every corner of your car. Seats, buckles, hidden compartments, and everything else is cleaned using brushes, shampoos, and oils with extreme care and professionalism.

Q) This service is available for which cars?

We try to provide this service to anyone who needs it. Whether you own a local or an imported high-end vehicle we are specialized to handle them effortlessly. Our services are not limited to cars, SUVs, Sedan but we also provide mobile detailing to trailers, boats, airplanes, and other such vehicles.

When we think that the damage to your vehicle is beyond our service we reserve to refuse the service to maintain our brand’s name and quality.

Q) How long does it take?

Our A1 onsite service usually takes around 90 minutes or less as it includes cleaning of dust, and debris from the surface of the exterior and the interior as well.

Whereas some procedures may take as long as 4 hours and as minimum as 2 hours depending on the size and type of cleaning your vehicle needed. Boats, RVs, and airplanes may take a day or two to get properly cleaned.

Q) How often should this service be availed?

Detailing is a smart way to get a good resale value for your vehicle. Most people think of it only when they are selling their cars. But we advise getting it done at least 2 to 5 times a year. This will also depend on how much you use your vehicle and how do you take care of it.

To avail of the best car detailing in park city contact ECD for the bet onsite mobile detailing Phone: 385-312-9912

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Mobile Detailing Salt Lake City

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