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Book an appointment for your service or a ceramics demostration.  The online booking form is towards the bottom of the page below the FAQ’s and customer reviews.  If the online booking form does not load, please refresh the page.

How Booking Works

Step 1

Get started by booking an appointment through the online booking form below on this page.  If you have any questions during the process call us at 385-312-9912 to speak with an Executive Advisor.

Step 2

Deposit of $75 is required to reserve your appointment slot.  The deposit will be applied to your total.  Cancellations are aloud up to 48 hours prior to the appointment.  Cancellations after this time will forfiet the deposit.  If you need to reschedule, there is a $25 adminstrative charge for moving the appoint around.


Step 3

At the beginning of the appointment, your technician will inspect the vehicle and finalize the expected cost to complete work to your desired specifications.  Any additional cost will be agreed to and signed for on the intake form.

Step 4

Upon completion of the work, we will do a final inspection with you the client.  We will debrief you on what we experiance during the detail and prescribe any additional services or actions to care for your vehicle.  A final signature is required and we collect final payment less the deposit amount.

Frequently Asked

Can you do a "quick detail" or "fast vacuum"?

In short only if your vehicle just rolled of the lot and its a brand new model or if you or another detail specialist have been doing a weekly or monthly maintencae of the vehicle. If your vehicle is used and hasnt been cared for then anything short of the industry standard procedures and professional grade tools and premium products applied you will feel let down and ripped off.

Do I need to upgrade to a detail service?

Do you have a pet that rides shotgun? Did you just go mudding and have sand in the interior? Do you have stained carpets and upholstry? Do you have a convertible? Do you have wheels with baked on iron dust? Or has it been years since you cleaned your vehicle? If you answered yes to any of those questions then yes you will have to upgrade to a detail service to feel satisfied.

Why is my windshield foggy?

Oils from the dash evaporate and cause a thin film to accumulate. These oils come from coughs, fingers, and the main culprit cheap uv vinyl dressings and cheap window cleaners. Scary fact that fog or film in actuality coats the entire interior surface the glass just highlights that film. 

Why are my headlights foggy?

Headlights like paint have clear cloat and are suspetible to clear coat corrosion. They need the same care and protection as paint.

How do I make my exterior trim pop?

Exterior vinyl and plastic trim is a pores material and needs proper decontamination and prep for any oil based dressing to propperly adhere and rehydrate the material to bring that deep satin color back for maybe 30 days. But we redye those trim pieces to fully restore that deep black finish regardless of weather for months to come.

How do I remove water spots?

Hard water spots are caused by water being allowed to sit and evaporate on hard pores surfaces. Leaving behind mineral deposits that bond to the surface. Their are 2 different methods of attack first are acids to disolve the mineral deposits or cutting compounds and polishing methods can remove those mineral deposits.

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