Premium Detail Pricing

Get the most value by choosing an Executive Premium Package.   If you are working with a specific budget, choose a Lite Premium Service and ask us to care for other pain points for a small additional investment.

Wash Club members have access to a limited private menu, booking privileges, and additional perks once they enroll in the monthly membership program.  Ask your Executive Advisor for membership details.

Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating Hourly Rates

Below you will find the hourly rates for our standard auto details, minor paint correction, and ceramic coats.

Executive Premium Packages

How does the Pricing Menu work?

The following pricing is for standard non-commercial sedans, trucks, SUVs, vans, entry imports, and entry exotics. This usually includes but is not limited to vehicles up to $100,000.

Medium to high-end imports, exotics and fine vehicles have more variables, so they require more time, meticulous care, and custom pricing.  This usually includes but is not limited to vehicles $100,000 and above.

Boats, airplanes, ATVs, trailers, and other equipment are priced on a case-by-case basis. 

Pricing reflects the cash price before federal, state, local, and payment processing taxes.

Call an Executive Advisor for an explanation, quote, or estimate. Call 385-312-9912


Lite Premium Details

What is the Lite Premium Detail?

The Lite Premium Details focus on the MAIN PAIN POINTS that require the detailer’s care while keeping your budget in mind.

What is included with the Lite Exterior Detail?

The Lite Exterior Detail includes a basic 3 Step wash, 3 Step Wheel Cleaning with rubber treatment, 3 Step Headlight Care, hand dry, and exterior glass treated to assist vision during storms.  You may add a machine wax upgrade or single-stage polish enhancement for a small investment.

What is included with the Lite Interior Detail?

The Lite Interior Detail includes light trash pickup of easy to access and visible trash, 3 stage air vacuum, 3 stage air dusting, 3 stage cleaning of dash, cupholders, and vents.  You may add headliner service, carpet shampooing, seat upholstery shampooing, odor removal, or add single spot treatments for additional small investment.

Quality, Luxury, and Convenience

Limited Availability

Premium Quality Work

Satisfaction Guarantee


Regular Premium Details

What makes a Regular Premium Detail different?

The Regular Premium Detail provides THE HIGHEST  VALUE by covering up to medium cleaning and detail work while paying attention to every aspect of your vehicle.

***If your vehicle has excessive mud, sand, glitter, pet hair, vomit, or deep staining the Regular Premium Detail MAY NOT cover this.  Call an Executive Advisor for details.***

What is included in Regular Premium Detail?

Exterior- Your classic 6 stage wax infused foam shampoo, 6 stage wheel service, 6 stage glass care, 3 stage engine bay cleaning, machine-applied wax coating, in addition, to complete 6 stage tire dressing that will make you never want to go back to the car wash.

Interior- Your total interior vacuum covers every inch of your vehicle.  Your interior carpets are machine brushed along with your floor mats, and all your crevices cleaned. Your upholstery is treated with a light shampoo. Your interior is air dusted and all the general hard surfaces are cleaned of sticky messes. All interior glass receives 6 stages of care. Finally, your interior receives a U/V sunblock bath to fight the sun.

Quality, Luxury, and Convenience

Limited Availability

Premium Quality Work

Satisfaction Guarantee


Heavy Premium Details

What is the Heavy Premium Detail?

The heavy premium detail takes care of heavy cleaning and detail needs including severe pet hair, stains, sand, and sticky messes.  Blood, vomit, and human or animal waste will incur an additional hazmat charge.

What is included in the Heavy Interior Detail?

Executives patented Total interior vacuum plus our secret Total Interior Air shampoo. The Total Interior Air Shampoo is a car wash for your interior. We cover every inch of your interior extracting all dirt, debris, stuck-on mess, and smell. We machine brush your upholstery with either micro-fiber or hoarse hair brushes to lift extract and renew all your fabrics.  Your interior is then air blasted dry and glazed to perfection.

What is included in the Heavy Exterior Detail?

Your Clean Slate 9 stage foam shampoo wash and 9 stage wheel wash will bring your vehicle’s shine back to life. Your swirl mark remover and paint brightener polish will make your vehicle look better than the day you bought it. Then we top it off with a premium coat of wax to enhance the warmth and clarity of your paint color and protect it from the sun and elements.

Quality, Luxury, and Convenience

Limited Availability

Premium Quality Work

Satisfaction Guarantee


Ceramic Coating Packages

Schedule an in-person demonstration with an Executive Journeyman or above.  Demonstration pricing starts at $129.  Includes an Express Plus exterior detail (Not on the Menu) and a walkthrough to prescribe the right services to fit your needs. The total demonstration lasts 45 minutes.

Quality, Luxury, and Convenience

Limited Availability

Premium Quality Work

Satisfaction Guarantee


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